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Hello all, I'm looking for a weekend camp or one day shootout in August, know of any?  Last year we went to the "games galore" camp at Penn State.  It was fine but no AC in the rooms was rough and there was a LOT of construction so getting to breakfast/lunch/dinner was a hike!  Would prolly go back but was looking for some other options.

COMPETITIVE FAIRNESS? / MOVED: playoff system outside of piaa?
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:47:26 AM »

PIAA / playoff system outside of piaa?
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:42:38 AM »
In the event that PIAA doesn't step up and do the right thing with regards to private schools dominating playoffs and the issues with transferring,  would it be possible to look at the option of having another playoff outside of PIAA?  Something along the lines of the eastern conference playoff like in football.  Heck, if a bunch of public schools opt out of playing in districts/states to play in a separate playoff comprised of schools that all play by the same "rules", that could really turn out to be a cool event, with enough participants it could be pretty prestigious too.  It might even ruffle enough feathers to get PIAA to look at the system and actually make some changes to level the playing field!
I really don't know if it's possible...anybody have any thoughts on the legalities of such?  I bet a lot of teams would be interested...

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